Hello, my name is Juan Ortega and i am a Neon Glass Bender, have been for the past 35 years.

I started learning in 1988 and since then I’ve never stopped bending glass, i’ve worked in several small companies jumping from one to the other until finally in 1999 i was employed ate Federal Signs, that employment lasted 7 years, i was laid off in November of 2006 thanks to the bad economy¬† and also thanks to the new technology of LEDs, so i decided to go on my own (self employed) starting in 2007, and still going today.
Since 2014 i started to get calls and emails from people asking if a gave classes on glass bending for neon, and that’s when i decided to start teaching, and have kept on teaching since then. Not everybody can take the trip to Murrieta where i live to take the classes that’s why i decided to put all the training in videos so people from anywhere could benefit also from the course.

Here are some links to my other neon websites;